Sheila Higgins
Hi my name is Sheila,
In 2001 I had an enormous challenge to face, feeling lost, not knowing which way to go, I found myself walking along a street in Hereford.

I came across a chalkboard with the word Reiki written on it, outside a place called Healing Earth. I had no idea of the meaning of the word but I felt drawn to it and curious. Suddenly I found myself inside the centre and so my journey began. From that day forward Reiki became a way of life.

Wherever I am in this world, no matter what I am doing Reiki is always a part of me. When I give Reiki to someone I feel a deep sense of peace and serenity, full of energy, joy and laughter. What I see in the recipient is a feeling of harmony and balance and in that moment of time they glow.

I provide these therapies:

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