Baby Massage
Several years ago, I was contacted by a community health coordinator, here in Hereford, who was looking for someone to come and teach baby massage to a group of new mums. As a qualified aromatherapist I devised a basic massage programme for babies with a bit of reflexology thrown in and the response from mums, dads and babies alike has been fantastic.

My primary focus was to offer a way of calming and settling babies through a gentle soothing touch. This can help settle them into a routine of sleeping better at night as well as being able to experience relief from colicky tummies and/or constipation, which tend to be some of the most common reasons why many babies are fractious.

This routine is easily learned and takes only 5 minutes. I am happy to teach anyone these techniques for free here at the centre with a donation to the charity or I will come out to groups and centres.

I have made up a special baby massage blend using jojoba oil with lavender and chamomile.

I have also incorporated all of the baby massage routine into a booklet for use at home.

Free Instruction with donation


  • Massage oil £9 (100ml)

  • Massage routine booklet £2

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