Core values

  • To provide a Well Being Group for the on going support of anyone suffering from cancer.

  • To provide an individual treatment plan tailor made to the requirements of the client based on the latest information, techniques and research available.

  • To provide free specialised treatments and support from a range of sources to treat any cancer, looking at the person holistically incorporating all aspects of mind body and spirit.

  • To be accessible to all those affected by cancer regardless of age, race or gender which may include providing outreach support to clients who cannot for health reasons attend the centre in person. To this end we would also hope to produce information in Braille and have access to the services of someone who can use sign language for the benefit of those with a sight or hearing impairment.

  • To become a centre for education and information via workshops, leaflets, quarterly newsletters, our Facebook page and this web site which will provide self help techniques and therapies aimed at empowering the individual and improving their holistic health and well being. To work in conjunction with all other health care professionals in our care of these people such as N.H.S. oncology units, Macmillan nurses, Herefordshire Carers, The Haven, St. Michael's Hospice.

Our Vision:
The Yeleni Therapy amp; Support Centre is committed to making the program available to anyone with a cancer. By combining aspects of existing centres of excellence into a smaller scale set up we hope to be a model for others. The directorate would be happy to help others achieve this aim. We would also make all our information available via this web site for the benefit of others.

We would seek to work alongside other health organisations such as Macmillan and the N.H.S. in order to facilitate a growing understanding and awareness of long term benefits of the complementary approach. Also where possible, we would like to contribute to research on the positive effects of complementary therapies in the integrated treatment of cancer.

We would actively support the continuing professional development of therapists in increasing their skills base to provide the most effective treatments for cancer.

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