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The Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre is all about people. The idea for creating a complementary therapy centre where anyone could come and find help and support happened back in 2000. The charity as it stands now started off as an ethnic gift ware shop with therapy rooms in St. Owens Street Hereford.

My partner Peter and myself, Nicky Heath, successfully ran Healing Earth for 6 years. In that time we won awards for being the Best Health and Beauty business in Hereford as voted for by our customers and clients. An enforced change of premises to our current location at 2 Blackfriars Street brought about a transformation in the centre which moved from being primarily a shop with therapies to a fully-fledged complementary therapy centre. We had always wanted to be a community resource for Herefordshire. True to that aim, we have seen our centre grow from strength to strength.

In April 2010 I transformed Healing Earth into a charity The Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre for Cancer reg no 1118969. My inspiration for this came from several experiences. Firstly I studied how to work with people with cancer at the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre in Bristol.
This inspirational place helped me to realise how much can be done to alleviate the rigours of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy through therapeutic treatments combined with classes in diet and nutrition, relaxation and meditation plus on-going support from dedicated self-help groups.
Secondly, I also found much to admire and emulate within The Haven and I gained a lot of experience from working as a therapist there right here in Hereford.
Thirdly I have had the undoubted privilege of working with two very brave youngsters, Sam 13 and Hannah 5, whilst they were in the terminal stages of their cancer. Their dignity and wisdom in the face of what turned out to be the end of their short lives will stay with me forever and I know that the small comfort I was able to offer them and their families at that time has formed the basis of why I wanted to set up a charity where we could offer free complementary therapy sessions to anyone with cancer in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties, to provide a place of peace where both clients and their families can receive support whilst they are having to deal with a very difficult time in their lives.

However although we are a charity offering free therapy sessions to anyone with cancer we are also still offering complementary therapies to everyone else. So whether you want a back massage, reflexology or a few hypnotherapy sessions £10 of the money you pay for your treatment will go towards supporting our charity work.
By helping yourself you will be helping someone else too!

First and foremost, we are a therapy centre where our main aim is to offer our clients the best holistic care that we can, to be somewhere where "help is 'truly' always at hand". From personal experience we know how hard it can be at times to be happy and healthy in our stress laden lives. We know how stress can lead to illness and disease and so we have created an environment at The Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre which helps to soothe the senses with a combination of beautiful rooms, tranquil music, aromatic scents, and the calming power of touch and giving you the time to talk to someone who is happy to listen. We live in a world which increasingly makes demands of our time and energy. However, from the moment you come through the door you find yourself in an oasis of peace, where time stands still and you can truly relax and let go of the outside world.

Apart from our wide range of therapies, we have a varied programme of workshops and classes to help you find out about self-help stress techniques, gain emotional and physical health and pursue your spirituality. Integral to our philosophy is a belief that everyone has a right to receive help, regardless of cost. Therefore, we give free healing at least three days of the week, so that anyone can access what we have to offer. As part of the wider community we offer therapies for M.I.N.D. (mental health), The Haven (helping those going through their breast cancer treatment) and Herefordshire Carer Support (helping carers). We are also often the therapy centre of choice to provide a team professional therapists for a variety of functions, fetes, school fairs, local council health days and conferences.

Whether you come through our door as a cancer patient or a client needing a back massage we are here to offer you a helping hand to a health and well-being in your life. You are always welcome, even just for a cup of tea and chat. First and foremost, The Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre is about people so come on in, we look forward to meeting you.

Love and light,
Nicky Heath

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